Sterling Spencer gets shacked

blog 89 img 4 lg 584x389 Sterling Spencer gets shacked

Looks like Billabong is working on a new flick, Still Filthy. Judging by this barrel sequence, I’m predicting the movie is going to be epic (Billabong films usually are). Here’s Sterling Spencer getting shacked out of his mind. Check Billabong for the full sequence.

“When Sterling was only 5 years old a Centaur visited him at his home in the woods in Florida near the Alabama border. Seriously. This half-man/half-horse told him that in the future he would become famous and then he turned away and with a fart and wag of the tail blessed him with the gift of style.”

blog 89 img 6 lg 584x389 Sterling Spencer gets shacked

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15 March 2009 6,015 views No Comment Author: Stokes