I love the whole world
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Barely surf related but I found this Discovery commercial to be very adorable. I don’t watch TV so I missed out on this earlier this year, but I’m sure many haven’t seen it either. I, …

Australia slab
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Chris reckons “the wave was the odd one out. None of the other waves broke as extreme as this one. But you still would get a wave here and there which doubled up and morphed on itself. There’s heaps of dark, deep water surrounding the break.
More photos after the jump.

Trilogy – Billabong – Taylor Steele – Surf Movie
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Every so often I come across a surf movie that is just one of those timeless classics that gets left in the vcr/dvd player for weeks, subsequent watchings never make it old. Trilogy is one of those movies for sure. Within the first 10 minutes, I knew this was one of my new favorite movies.

Part 1, Sick water video footage
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Part 1, Some of the best water video footage I’ve seen.

Part 2, Sick water video footage
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Part 2, Some of the best water video footage I’ve seen.

Slab location confirmed by Surf in Oregon
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Doc over at Surf in Oregon always posts up some good pictures with his surf reports, and he confirms this one is the recently exposed slab featured in Surfer Magazine. I wonder if this spot breaks often with these conditions, and if so, I hope people charge it. I know I’d be out, broken boards and body be damned, it’s too perfect to waste.

New slab discovered
[24 Dec 2008 | 23 Comments | 13,847 views]

Pretty epic discovery, I’m awaiting next month’s Surfer Mag to come in my mailbox to find out where this is. I’m guessing somewhere in norcal, pictures taken probably during our thanksgiving mavericks swell. But it could be further north for all I know.