Archy – Surf Movie Review


Produced by Bill Ballard at Billygoat Productions

Length: 1 hour 25 minutes

I’ll just go ahead and say it. Archy is the best action sports documentary I’ve had the pleasure of watching. I’ll compare it to Dogtown and Z-Boys, but it’s better. There’s not much else to say, this is a movie that needs to sit on the shelf right next to the Endless Summer.

The film traces Archy’s history starting in San Clemente, where as a punk grom he was skipping school, trashing house parties, and becoming a local standout within months of picking up a surfboard. His brief attempt at a NSSA run was followed by dropping out of highschool his freshman year and going pro, but ultimately finding his place as the first paid free surfer / aerialist. The movie follows him through his ups and downs to present day where he’s living a more mellow life on the north shore.

Alcohol and drug abuse have been central themes in Archy’s life, but he’s clean and sober these days, with a very level headed outlook on his life. I’m so stoked on his claim to Off-The-Wall as his own, surfing it as big as it’ll get when everyone else wants nothing to do with it. You can tell Archy is super happy living in Hawaii with a wife and kids, the eldest of which (Ford) is turning into quite the young ripper himself.

The movie is put together superbly, with a supporting cast of about 50 friends, family, and fellow surfers all giving interviews and telling stories. Everyone from Moses Paskowitz, Jeff Booth, Sunny Garcia, Andy and Bruce Irons, Mike Parsons, Herbie Fletcher, Shawn Briley… just to name a few. And of course, there’s plenty of great surfing footage.

Classic stuff:

20 minutes of extra footage, friend telling their favorite Archy stories. The best is Sunny Garcia complaining about how he was staying with Archy when he was 13 and Archy went to see a Billy Idol concert without him. Sunny still holds a grudge and claims it’s the reason Archy stays away from Backdoor.

More bonus footage, a day to day profile of 17 year old Ford Archbold’s life, and traveling with his dad and scoring epic surf.

Rating: 5 Stars

Bottom line: Required viewing, no question about it.

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Kooks buy it here (We’ll still love you): Archy (DVD)

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