Centro Nicaragua – Surf Movie

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Produced, directed and edited by Tyler Bliss

Length: 36 minutes

This film is good. I’ve watched is several times and it grows on me each time. Tyler Bliss has done a very thorough job of capturing the influence that surfing has had in Nicaragua during its relatively short 15 years of existence there.

The film has the fascinating story of the rise of surfing after the Nicaraguan civil war – and the hopefulness that the sport brings to the community. The locals show their appreciation for surfing and what it has to offer to (or take from) the country as its popularity increases.

When it comes to waves, Nicaragua has it all — beach breaks, right and left points, and “32 foot” reef passes, all of which are beautifully documented in this movie. Tyler has done a great job filming the waves from all angles, but the final production is slightly disconnected as the music choice poorly fits the personalities and message of the movie.

Favorite quote: “Surfing has changed my life”

Surfers: Luis Chamorro, Gerardo Miranda, Oliver Solis, Roque Calderon, Kervin Lopez, Jimmy Rotherham.

Best section: Oliver Solis (this guy charges!)

Rating: 3.5 stars (out of 5)

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28 July 2009 2,827 views 2 Comments Author: Andy