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Fitty Fitty

Produced and Directed by Matt Gye and Simon “Shagga” Saggfina. 
With support from Tracks, Billabong, Volcom,and Ripcurl.

Take 3 surfers who grew up together (Mick, Parko, Deano), competed together, and pretty much joined the tour together. After hearing them complain about how they only get to hang out at contests, send them on a mellow surf trip, add a few more of their best friends, and let the party begin.

These guys are all best mates and all they want to do is surf insane and drink beers. Sounds like a good surf trip to me. And of course to top it all off, they score some sick waves.

Length: 35 minutes

Best sections:

Pumping lefthander, same wave as my favorite wave in Ripcurl’s Somewhere. Just one wave was shown in Somewhere, an 11 second barrel. I’m having trouble identifying the spot, but the guys score a couple epic sessions there, backside barrel riding at its finest.

The other is a super hollow, perfect little righthander. They park the boat up close, and a lot of the shots they don’t even zoom in, the guys pulling out right at the boat’s edge. It’s the wave on the DVD cover.

Best surfing:

Alright, they all surf crazy good, but I gotta give it up for Deano. His roundhouse cutbacks and reverse 360 airs are all time.

Surfers: Mick Fanning, Dean Morrison (Deano / Dingo), Joel Parkinson (Parko)

Friends: Paul Fisher “Sensitive Paul”, Matt Skene “Big Rocks”, and Dan Holt “The North Straddie’s #1 Lawnmower”

Music: Dave Cavanagh, Airbourne, No Park’in, Keison, Grinspoon, The Cubical, The Frankie Band, Bliss n Eso, Ash Grunwald

Rating: 5 Stars

Bottom line: Can’t go wrong with this one

Where to buy: Support your local surf shop!
Kooks buy it here (We’ll still love you): Fitty Fitty (DVD)


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