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Inside Outside – by Talon Clemow – Billabong 2008

Length: 52 minutes

Inside/Outside takes place during and around the 2008 WTC Billabong Pro Tahiti event (ASP Men’s World Tour). There’s a lot of focus on the trials, where the surf was much bigger and the majority of Billabong’s team was surfing. I have to say the trials had some of the biggest Teahupoo ever paddled into.

There are clips between each section with interview questions for the top surfers. A lot of classic stuff is said, my favorite is Bruce describing how it turns into a wave contest out there when it’s small, “Pretty much everyone on tour can ride the barrel, come out, do their little wig-wig thing (makes wiggle-wiggle hand gesture)”.

The movie isn’t all Teahupoo, there are a lot of free surf sessions around the island. Laurie Towner, Wade Goodall, Dean Bowan, and Tamaroa McComb really tear it up.

There’s also a nice section of Parko, Donavon, and Bruce boating out for a secret spot mission. Great footage of them trying to help Parko start the outboard motor and then lots of good water shots from the wave they surf.

Notable clips:

Jamie O’Brien makes sure everyone still knows he’s very at home at Teahupoo, switching stance mid barrel.

Keala Kennely snags a couple of bombs.

Wade Goodall gets his head stuck in the reef during his trials heat, cutting an artery, blood is everywhere, light headed, and goes right back out to make sure he made it through the heat. Comes in after to get stitched up.

Dylan Longbottom tows into some pretty massive waves in a brief section. The movie is definitely all about paddle-in.

Bonus features include the retirement ceremony party of Occy, and Rasta free surfing.


Joel Parkinson, Andy Irons, Bruce Irons, Taj Burrow, Donavon Frankenreiter, David Rastovich, Occy, Dylan Longbottom, Manoa Drollet, Thiago Pires, Laurence Towner, Wade Goodall, Lee Wilson, Dane Ward, Dane Reynolds, Luke Dorrington, Tamaroa McComb, Dean Bowen, Mikee Brennan, Keala Kennely, Jamie O’Brien, Bruno Santos, and others.


Wasn’t stoked on it at first, but it got good. Music credits include short previews for each track which is nice.


Some really nice clips thrown in here and there around the surfing, but the majority of the filming is done on boats in the channel.

Rating: 4 stars

Bottom line: Great movie if you enjoy Teahupoo (I do!).

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