Stranger Than Fiction – Taylor Steele – Surf Movie


Stranger Than Fiction – Taylor Steele – Poor Specimen 2008

Length: 1 hour 10 minutes

Taylor Steele and Poor Specimen have been pumping out epic surf videos for as long as I can remember. Their videos turn people you’ve never heard of into brand name surfers. If you’re in a Taylor Steele movie, you’ve made it.

Stranger Than Fiction is essentially Campaign 3. With Campaign 2 being one of my all time favorite movies, this one does not disappoint.

Here’s what you can expect from this, and any Taylor Steele movie.

  • The most progressive surfing you’ve seen yet.
  • The sickest turns, gouges, airs, and barrels filmed by anyone this year.
  • Surfers looking cool carrying multiple boards to the beach (if a surfer expects to leave the beach without a broken board, he’s not about to be in a Taylor Steel movie).
  • Heart racing, mtv generation video editing.
  • Multiple epic sountracks.
  • Surfers trying their hand at big screen acting (it’s hilarious).
  • A wipeout section (it’s epic, enough said).

Surfers with sections: Andy Irons, Julian Wilson, Josh Kerr, Rizal Tanjung, Taj Burrow, Bruce Irons, Ian Walsh, Dean Morrison, Kalani Robb, Dion Agius, Mick Fanning, Dusty Payne, Mich Coleborn, Ry Craike, Benji Weatherley, Clay Marzo, Shane Dorian, Yadin Nicol, Rob Machado, Jordy Smith, Shaun Cansdell, Mike Losness, Joel Parkinson, CJ Hobgood, Dane Reynolds

Best section: Without a doubt, Dane Reynolds. He holds the coveted final section, and it is more than deserved. Huge boosts, airs going beyond 360, multiple airs on the same wave.

Andy Irons, Joel Parkinson, Jordy Smith, and Taj Burrow all have pretty sick sections too, but lets not kid ourselves here, everyone has a sick section.

More surfers: Jamie O’Brien, Bobby Martinez, Wade Goodall, Luke Stedman, Dino Adrian, Dede Suryana, Cheyne Magnusson, Brent Dorrington, Pepen Hendrix, Betet Mertha, Hank Gaskell, Craig Anderson, Marlon Gerber, Tonino Benson, Lee Wilson, Damien Hobgood

Epic quotes:

“This just in, Ry Craike won’t go right.”
“DNA testing revealed today that CJ and Damien Hobgood are actually the same person.”
“Dion Agius: Professional bodyboarder, now thinks he can standup surf. Good luck with that Dion.”

Rating: 5 Stars

Bottom Line: Yeah, get it now.


Where to buy: Support your local surf shop!
Kooks buy it here (We’ll still love you): Stranger Than Fiction (DVD)


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