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The Pursuit

An Aaron Lieber Production with support from VAS Entertainment, Transworld Surf, Hurley, Boost Mobile, Etnies, Oakley, Surf Prescriptions Surfboards, Shaka Laka, Surfline, FUBAR, and Toyota.

Length: 1 hour 10 minutes

An hour and ten minutes of non stop surf, all the best up and coming WSQ surfers, no weak contest footage, Kelly Slater delivering the intro words, wipeout section in the credits, and all in 1080p HD? Am I dreaming?

If you own a blu-ray player, get this movie. If you’re stoked on insane surfing, get this movie. I don’t know what else I can say. The movie features the current WSQ generation, with each section starting with a short interview, a nice glimpse into the personalities of the surfers. No section disappoints, the first few were blowing my mind and I didn’t think they could be topped, but each new section was better than the last.

As far as the insane surfing, we’re talking huge superman airs, rodeos, one footed tom curren tail slides, deep heavy barrels, you name it, and this movie has it, multiple times over.

Best sections:

This is going to be a tough one but I’m giving it to the Gudauskas brothers. Both Tanner and Patrick Gudauskas have insane sections. Pat busts rodeos every other wave and Tanner goes big on everything he does with a super clean style.

Notable performances:

Sebastian Zietz and Tanner Gudauskas’ dance off.

Torrey Meister’s barrels.

Jordy Smith’s tail slides.

Brett Simpson in Mexico.

Alright who am I kidding, everyone’s section was insane in this movie. Other favorites were Dusty Payne, Dede Suryana, Cheyne Cottrell, Mitch Coleborn, Sebastian Zietz, and Ricky Basnett.

Classic quote:

“After a while you start to lose a lot of heats and you’re like, am I a loser? I feel cool sometimes but I think I might be a loser. And girls aren’t talking to you; you start to become really self conscious. Seriously. True story. It happened.” – Tanner Gudauskas


Brett Simpson, Jordy Smith, Ricky Basnett, Pat Gudauskas, Dusty Payne, Dede Suryana, Torrey Meister, Hank Gaskell, Dane Reynolds, Yadin Nicol, Stuart Kennedy, Dane Gudauskas, Tanner Gudauskas, Brad Ettinger, Travis Mellem, Cheyne Cottrell, Sebastian Zietz, Nathanial Curran, Mitch Coleborn, Eric Geiselman, Sterling Spencer, Shaun Ward, and more…


The Matches, Ignite, Chiodos, Kamikaze, Castaneda, Incubus, Under the Influence of Giants, Goose, Silversun Pickups, Warner Drive, It Dies Today, Greeley Estates, War Stories, Plastick, The Bronx, The Aggrolites

Rating: 5/5 stars

Bottom line: Insane. If you have any doubts, watch the trailer.

Where to buy: Support your local surf shop!
Kooks buy it here (We’ll still love you): The Pursuit (DVD)

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16 August 2009 3,279 views 2 Comments Author: Stokes