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tomorrow today

Tomorrow Today – Transworld Surf – Chris Cote and Dave Warshauer

Reviewed by Andy Norton

Length: 32 minutes

Tomorrow Today showcases everything the best young surfers of today have to offer — huge airs, big turns, speed, control, style, barrel riding, you name it. The surfing is this movie is top-notch.

Watching this movie gives you the sense that these young rippers are secretly competing to make their video sections sicker than everybody else. In the end, it makes for impressive surfing and raises the expectations of future films.

The artistic supplements and energizing quotes between sections help the films overall presentation, and relate well the message of the title. Lets hope this is a great start to the newly formed Transworld Surf movie making machine.

Notable clips:

Mike Losness — he surfs so fast and turns so far back on his tail that it almost looks like the film is sped up.

Cheyne Magnusson — even though it was shorter than featured sections, this kids section stood out. Look to see more screen time from this guy in the future.

Bobby Martinez — check out his late drop into a heavy 9-second barrel.

Nathanial Curran — Seriously pushes the limits of how deep a barrel one can get and still make it out.

Clay Marzo, Yadin Nicole, and everybody actually, just rips in this movie!

Emlyn’s Favorite Sections

Definitely Clay Marzo surfing Maui at his home break is insane.

Timmy Curren’s section is sick too, his “hail mary” air is huge.

And yeah, Yadin Nicole kills it in Australia, he might be my new favorite surfer.

Classic Quotes:

“Thinking of holding back is blowing it more than pushing your hardest and falling.” –Dane Reynolds


Featured – Dane Reynolds, Bobby Martinez, Mike Losness, Yadin Nicol, and Clay Marzo
Others – Dion Agius, Jamie O’Brien, Torry Meister, Kekoa Bacalso, Dylan Graves, Jeremy Flores, Wesley Larson, Mitch Coleburn, Julian Wilson, Alek Parker, Dusty Payne, Granger Larson, Cheyne Magnusson, Timmy Curran, Nathaniel Curran, Ry Craike, Johnny Craft, Kilian Garland, Justin Cote.

Music: !!!, Mando Diao, Codebreaker, We Are Standard, Trail Of Dead, A.R.E. Weapons, Digitalism, Datarock, Audionom, Telephone, Ninja Academy, Zapan, Splinters, and Bookmobile.


Filmed in widescreen HD, but I would have guessed 16mm with the great vibrance of colors achieved. Basically the filming, footage, and editing is all second to none.

Rating: 5 stars

This is Emlyn’s new favorite movie

Bottom line: Keep the rewind button close by. This is the most progressive surfing out there to date.

Where to buy: Support your local surf shop!
Kooks buy it here (We’ll still love you): Tomorrow Today (DVD)

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