Kelly & Andy’s Surf Trip

andy and kelly portrait3152 584x876 Kelly & Andys Surf Trip

I’d like to say I’ve always seen through Kelly and Andy’s rivalry, fueled mostly by media hype and the wetdreams of drama loving pro-hoes everywhere. And I’ve always been above the “hate Andy” bandwagon, that one being fueled by Rasta wannabes and the Blue Horizon movie. Even though I say I’m above it all, I enjoyed every minute of the drama and Kelly totally stole that JBay contest from Andy.

Anyways, Transworld Surf (check the link for more pictures, and full story in their next magazine issue) organized a surf trip for the two guys, resulting in “ten-day purge of feelings, emotional baggage, dispelling rumors, talking it out, and a burying of the hatchet once and for all.” Aww how cute. Lets just get to the waves please.

Update: Here’s the video trailer for the upcoming movie.

kelly indol0479 584x389 Kelly & Andys Surf Trip

andy indol0651 584x389 Kelly & Andys Surf Trip

andy indol0755 584x389 Kelly & Andys Surf Trip

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14 January 2009 2,775 views No Comment Author: Stokes