New slab discovered


Pretty epic discovery, I’m awaiting next month’s Surfer Mag to come in my mailbox to find out where this is. I’m guessing somewhere in norcal, pictures taken probably during our thanksgiving mavericks swell. But it could be further north for all I know.

Find more pictures in the preview.

Update: Location confirmed.




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24 December 2008 13,819 views 23 Comments Author: stoke
  • Gwyn

    Looks pretty sweet… be sure to take some pics when you find it 🙂

  • Looks tempting…

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  • I have tried this once and got myself injured but I am not saying no ti it, will surely do it again:)

  • These pictures are mind blowing, I am totally impressed, you rock guys!

  • 12


  • Nice wave! Great photos also. Keep it up!

  • Rocks

    I have surfed in Oregon for over 20 years….. It makes me happy to see some attention to this part of the coast. I thought I was dreaming I was surfing for the last 20 years as the mags never publish anything Oregon surf related to show what we have up here. Thank the Dumb Arss crew in Sea Side for that. Years of holding the entire Oregon surfing community back…. Now let’s move on and beyond those diks. This is not the only wave like this in this state!!!! Surf on hombres….. BTW..I am sure this will get me some shirt from the “CREW” but really I could give a shirt less…. Feeble is a word that comes to mind when I think about those Fargs…! Go Oregon surf….

    • Shakarocka

      rocks surf so cal lately?  surf is much better down there.  you should go so you can see your local surf spot in the mags with hundreds of people on in and hundreds more on the beach waiting to paddle out. gfy

  • BlueSilver

    Fuk you there's no surf in Oregon. Only sharks, submerged rocks, angry sealions, mean locals and mexican food stands that will give you diarhea!

  • Local

    For sure bra, bet this spot isnt even in oregon, or that its breaks once every thousand years

  • maningreysuit

    Go Oregon surf? you gotta be kidding me… Any of you dumsh*ts that come up here for this wave are going to be sorely disappointed. Not only will that thing kill you, it never breaks, and is out of 99.99% of everyone's realistic abilities. So yeah.. have fun coming up and realizing what a p*ssy you are. Stick to the crowds in so-cal, you're less likely to become dinner.

    • Aggressive Local Punisher

      You are so macho dude! Seriously I bet you are one of those guys who runs his mouth to some guy in the water only to get your ass kicked. Keep thinking you’re hardcore buddy! (p.s. I bet you’re one of those douches who drives a raised pickup truck that probably black with full tint) Stay douchy

  • wilburkookmeyer

    Actually all of the Surf in Oregon is at the Point in Seaside. Just after Cleaniline take a right.. the road takes you to the best spot.

  • I'd like to try this. Where in Oregon specifically? I would like to try those waves this coming summer. I just hope the spot really breaks with this kind of wave when I head to OR.

  • Tyedawg

    HAHA, I love surfing there, the 'local' crew is a bunch of homos.

  • Spent

    This wave is far offshore and unless you're an olympic athlete, you'll never paddle to it.
    On top of all that, it only breaks like this in the winter.

  • 26

    this wave aint shit. a photo from a boat will make any close out dumper look off the wall! Ogon get over your selfs your all from caly anyway!

  • Awww! Awesome photos. You captured them perfectly. I love the waves!! Nice post!

  • This is a great blog! I would really like to keep reading your blogs. Cant wait for the next post. Good blogs are hard to find!

  • johnny V

    shazam! A great place for a body boarder like myself! Let’s Go!