A Brokedown Melody – Surf Movie

A broke down melody

A Brokedown Melody

Length: 55 minutes

In brief, a Broke Down Melody is a powerful experience. Directed by Dan Malloy, this Woodshed Film production follows some of the best surfers ever to live while the play and charge uncrowded sessions in Indonesia, Jamaica, South America, Hawaii, Mexico, and Tahiti. Whether it is seeing what surfing offers to the youth of Jamaica or chasing a dream wave in Mexico, this film reminds one of the fun and freedom that surfing offers. All in all, this film, shot in 16mm, keeps the fire stoked!

Notable Sections:

Kelly Slater being towed into an undisclosed wave in Tahiti… he is so stoked!!!!!!

The whole damn movie is wonderful. Be sure to check out the bonus footage (45 minutes long)… there is a lot of great stuff there too.

Classic Quotes:

“There are so many sketch waves that will still give you a loft of fun.”

“Operating in the present (is) the foundation of what surfing is all about.”

“The future of surfing is going to come from places you least expect it.”

“Life is to short to have shitty friends.”

Surfers: Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, CJ Hobgood, Mark Cunningham, Tom Curren, Gerry Lopez, Jack Johnson, The Malloys, and others.

Soundtrack: Jack Johnson, Doug Martsch, Matt Costa, Eddie Vedder, Beta Band, and others

At the top of any rating scale!

A broke down melody

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1 March 2009 5,715 views 3 Comments Author: Andy