Innersection TV – My Top 10. Vote Nat.

There’s one more day until the first 5 Innersection surfers are chosen. The process has been great fun, Nathan Myers and Taylor Steele have done well in putting all the drama out in the open and keeping things interesting. Three disqualifications, a bit of poaching, and a field so tight that picking the top 5 feels like the hardest job in the world.

If you haven’t voted yet, login and vote soon.

The top 5 win a part in the movie and have the rest of the year to surf and film and edit a new section for the movie. In the mean time, another round will start to vote the next 5 surfers until a total of 20 have parts.

Need a little help? Here are my thoughts.

1. Nat Young – Nat is from Santa Cruz and rips. He used to just be a little grom that could surf insane like all the other little groms taking over. Except something changed. Now he has style and power, and his backside surfing rivals Occy’s. Ryan Moss edited the section and it’s sick. I can’t wait to see more.

2. Mikala Jones – A funny yet poignant piece about how “image” has taken over the surfing world. We love Rasta and Machado because they’re hippies but hate on Andy because he likes to win. Hey, you’d like to win too if you were in his shoes, wouldn’t you? Actually I’m reading too much into Mikala’s section. Mikala likes to be Mikala and his surfing is huge.

3. Nate Tyler – Who? Some no name from central California. Except his section, edited by 18 year old Victor Pakpour, still in highschool, is the tightest edit of the bunch. I think we’ll be hearing lots more from these guys.

4. Mike Losness – Lossy surfs insane and the edit is unique and fun. Definitely deserves a spot.

5. Marlon Gerber – Another unique edit. Edit could use a little polishing but overall it’s a solid section. The next three sections tie for #5 for me. Hard to pick.

5. Dylan Graves – Love the cinamatography here. Editor Jerry Ricciotti deserves some props. Overall great section.

5. Dede Duryana – Dede surfs huge. He does voiceover for his section which is cool and all, but doesn’t fit well with the theme of the competition. His surfing makes up for it.

5. Garut Widiarta – Another insane surfer. Solid edit, I’d like to see more.

9. Shaun Cansdell – Shaun is definitely an underrated surfer. But there’s just something about him that doesn’t stick with me. Doesn’t have a recognizable style? Who knows. He deserves more, but I’m just not that into him. I must not like his “image”. Crap.

10. Taylor Knox – Yeah, Taylor has power, he throws buckets… but we’ve seen it all before. I didn’t think much of this section. I was hoping Sterling Spencer would make it in instead of Taylor or Shaun.

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18 March 2010 1,436 views No Comment Author: Stokes