Nathan Fletcher’s Lavese Las Manos

Nathan Fletcher’s Lavese Las Manos premiered the other day at Lido Theatre in Newport Beach. I wasn’t able to make it but the trailer has me pumped and the movie will be available free July 23rd at Analog Clothing.

Surfing Mag has an interview and writeup.

“To the tune of Russian Circle’s metal symphony “Enter,” Nathan takes off on the first wave of an 8-foot closeout set at Log Cabins, pulls in backside and doesn’t come out. The tape keeps rolling as wave number two of the set detonates directly on his head. Nathan then reappears and repeats this procedure three times amid powder-deep foam until he’s able to grab his Stretch quad and paddle back out. Meet Nathan Fletcher.”

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10 July 2009 2,064 views 4 Comments Author: Stokes